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Summer Long - Mombojó + Laetitia Sadier

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The Project

The relationship between Laetitia Sadier and Mombojó has been a long time coming, even when the chanteuse had no idea of who those kids were. The band, in its turn, has always declared their love for Stereolab - the band whose frontwoman was Laetitia - and for each and every solo effort released by her. But neither could figure that both paths would be crossing so soon.

The musical flirting, so to say, began as much of the flirting these days do, on the social networks. Years after Laetitia was handed a copy of "Homem Espuma", Mombojó's second album, she messaged the band out of the blue to let them know she really enjoyed the music and that the mic was open should they be interested in some collaboration. Hence the first offspring came about, Summer Long the song, along with its very own video. But a single song just wasn't enough.

In early 2016 Mombojó decided it was time to bring Laetitia over to their own habitat, the greater Recife, and she was invited to do an artistic residence in Pernambuco. Such an invitation was hard to decline for a French person coping daily with London's weather, so bags were packed and over she went. Instead of locking themselves in a regular studio, Mombojó chose to rent a country house in the outskirts of Recife and turn it into a recording and living facility. And inbetween songs the band was more that enthusiastic to bring their new musical partner to see Candomblé celebrations, underground concerts and experience a lovely sunset at the beach.

That fortnight brought about 4 new songs, which comprise Summer Long the EP (plus a backing track to Laetitia's new album), the very music you're listenig to right now. The release allows the listener to peek into the synergy of this meeting, bringing the Bossa Nova back to Mombojó's repertoire and inspiring Lae to invite the band to team up as a new unit, Modern Cosmology. Laetitia's powerful delivery has left everyone so far speechless, and we hope you feel the same. Summer Long is the result of the work and the passion of people who live their music from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep.


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